End of Year Stats: Looking Back at a Year of Writing and Submitting

This was my first year of writing regularly. I made a schedule and managed to show up regularly to keep writing. In many ways it was a good distraction from everything, and it gave me something to work on in a world that feels out of control.

But it was also my first year of submitting to literary magazines! Before that I’d only participated in a handful of contests, but this year I was really dedicating myself to submitting. And it paid off, because I got published four times!

I submitted to 36 literary magazines, got 29 rejections and 2 acceptances (5 still pending). I submitted to 22 contests, got long listed once, shortlisted twice, and won first prize once.

My first (ever) publication was in Popshot Quarterly, my flash fiction piece Soil, which you can find online here.

My second was an old piece called Summer Sounds, which I had entered into the Reflex Fiction Spring contest, where it didn’t quite make the longlist. But they were kind enough to published it anyway. You can find it here.

My third was actually the first flash fiction piece I wrote ever. After many rewrites and a few rejections, Call of the View was published this October by The Cabinet of Heed, and you can find it here.

And my final publication of the year, and maybe the biggest surprise, was when I won the Weird Christmas Flash Fiction Contest with my story Ice. It was also on the Weird Christmas podcast (voiced by me) and you can find both here.

I also posted several stories on this blog: The Old Man, Darlings, A Shadow Followed Me, Luck, Road Kill, Wanted: Dead or Alive and my creepy Christmas Advent series: The Snowpeople, Shortcut, The Wild Hunt and Regeneration.

All in all I’m really pleased with this year, writing wise.

Happy New Year, and may 2021 be less chaotic

xx Lotte

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