News | I Won 1st Prize in the Weird Christmas Flash Fiction Contest!

This is so exciting! For the second year in a row I entered into the Weird Christmas Flash Fiction Contest. I love Christmas, I love writing weird stuff, so this is perfect for me. Last year I didn’t make the honorable mentions, but this year I got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago that my story was among the final ones would be on the podcast!

I got to read my own story (you can find the podcast here, my story begins at 61:00) which was both cool and scary as I’m not a native speaker, but I think I did my best. I was already really happy with that!

But today the final results came in… and my story ‘Ice’ won first prize!!!

You can find it here together with 2nd prize winner and all the honorable mentions (all such great quality!) so please check out my story and all the other stories and the podcast and the rest of the Weird Christmas site. If you like dark folklore and strange Christmas things, I promise you’ll enjoy the podcast and the rest of the blog (I know I do).

And if you enjoy ‘Ice’, there are more creepy Christmas stories on here as well.

Okay that’s it.

*insert me doing a happy dance because I’m so excited*

Merry Christmas,


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